Vase Decoration with Glass Painting Technique

We can’t always find accessories to match the decoration of our house. Accessories are an important part of home decoration. Therefore, you need to choose them correctly.

If you haven’t found any accessories for your decoration, you can make your own. You can make your home decoration pieces from the very beginning, or you can make any piece in the way you want. Vases, which have an important place in table decoration, can adapt to any color. With the glass painting technique, you can find a cheap glass vase and paint it in any color you want. In this way, you will gain a more elegant appearance and make your home more modern with a more affordable budget.


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Yes, it is possible to be happy with the wood trim in your home. And yes, Im still the paint-everything-white-freak. If you have bad 60s or 70s orangey wood trim and doors in your home, paint them white…now. However, I do appreciate the richness of wood trim in both heritage homes and